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Monday, 21 May 2012 17:35 by admin

 Living in Sandringham, I lucky enough to have Galbraith’s Alehouse as my local. I’ve spent far too many, far too enjoyable, hours over the years enjoying their own range of beers and, in recent times, the excellent selection of guest beers from craft breweries throughout NZ, the US and Europe.

Galbraith Brewing Co is justifiably renowned for its range of cask conditioned, English-style ales. In addition to these, Galbraith’s produces a take on a Trappist Ale called Resurrection. It’s probably my favourite beer of the Galbraith’s range, but one that I don’t drink nearly often enough. However, when I heard that brewer Ian Ramsay has recently finished a new batch, I had to get in and sample the latest version.

Resurrection is described as a Trappist style ale, with an alcohol content of 8.7%. Now Trappist beers are simply those brewed by monks at Trappist monasteries. While entering Galbraith’s definitely has echoes of a spiritual experience, I don’t think there has been a formal commitment to a monastic approach to life by Keith Galbraith, Ian and the team as yet. Trappist beers are typically in the Belgian Dubbel or Tripel style. Resurrection has elements of both styles – including the darker appearance of a dubbel and the higher alcohol content of a tripel, with aromas and flavours from both.

Resurrection is served at 2 degrees, in a pleasingly chunky and weighty goblet. The beer is bronze - red in the glass, with a beige head that displays a rather creamy consistency, with a mix of bubble sizes. The head is reasonably well maintaining.

The aroma is amazing. All the classic Belgian strong ale flavours are present – clove, bubblegum, banana and spice. The aroma evoked a grilled banana that had been dipped in chocolate and sprinkled in cinnamon. There was also a touch vanilla, some coriander and soft alcohol.

Like the aroma, the taste was delicious – a beautifully full flavoured beer. Initially, a full, fruity taste of dark fruits and banana, with hints of sweetness. The middle was also fruity, with flavours of cake and spice. There was just the merest touch of alcohol, which enhanced the slightly sweet spicy notes. The finish is spicy with a taste of warming alcohol, which gave a pleasant lingering finish.

The beer displays a wonderful weight with just enough alcohol heft to blend and enhance the mix of flavours and take the edge off a late autumnal evening. 

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