Moa Festive IPA
Moa was one of the first beers I waxed lyrical about many years ago. Where are they now, is this Festive IPA ok and frankly why don't I know.
Software for Brewers
Love homebrewing as much as we do or want to become seriously bad ass on the grain? brewnation software is here to help, and if you get in now it's free during beta.
Craft Beer Posts
This week I’m taking a break from writing about beer and instead I’m focusing on a pressing issue which affects beer drinkers across the world…. Or, maybe just me.
Religion, politics and sour beer. All great ways to start an argument.
Could you drink 6 beers a night and still drop the pounds? Our research says a big Yes! Neill tests the effects of exercise, drinking and food on sustained weight loss.
It's that time again. A time for beer awards, beer festivals and general speculation on what beers warrant a second drink and which brewery pushed the limits more than the rest...

Home Brew Posts
I’ve been brewing for as long as I’ve been drinking good beer. Here are the 5 reasons why I love homebrewing.
The Sutton Group Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards have been judged, with Harrington's Breweries (Christchurch) taking out the top honours to become the Champion Brewery in New Zealand for 2012.
Time to reflect on 2011 and the beer I enjoyed over the year. 2011 for me was all about enjoying my beer (less about note taking or blogging), and there were plenty to enjoy. Keeping this list down to a top ten took quite a bit of contemplation and editing. This is the te..
If you're showing up fresh for Beervana and want to hit the right spots here is my list and a map for reference.